A payment of £500.00 is required to register for the course. The remaining payment for the course may be made either by 11 monthly instalments of £200.00 each, by Banker’s Order, commencing on 2nd June 2020 and payable on 2nd of each month thereafter, or a lump sum of £2,150.00, payable prior to commencement of the course. The deposit and any other monies paid are non-refundable once acceptance on the course is confirmed.

 If a student chooses to discontinue their training at any time, they will be liable for payment of the deposit plus all payments due to date.

Please note that all payments made are non-refundable. Unless the full payment is made prior to the start of the course, the lump sum discount will not be applicable. However, a proportion of the lump sum can be made at any time prior to the course and a payment plan will be arranged for the remaining money due.

Course Dates:

Dates and Time for Anatomy and Physiology Element:

Lessons will run from 1400hrs - 1900hrs every second Thursday. Dates will be:

18th May (Mon), 28th May, 11th June, 25th June, 9th July, 23rd July, 6th  August, 20th August, 5th September (Sat - Exam) 2020

Dates and Times for Holistic Massage Practical Element:

Four x four hour sessions, to be arranged between September and November, depending on self isolation measures.  Students will also be required to complete 36 case studies, and their practical exams, during this time. If any of this element can be brought forward, then every effort will be made to do so.

Dates and Times for Remedial and Sports Massage Element:

Lessons will be run at the weekends 0930hrs  - 1800hrs each day.


7/8th Nov, 5/6th Dec


9/10th Jan, 6/7th Feb, 6/7th Mar, 10/11th Apr, 8/9th May, 5/6th Jun, 3/4th Jul


Students must attend the exam weekend at the end of each module. Should a student miss a day through illness or other unforeseen circumstance, every effort will be made to help the student catch up on missed work, although an additional £50 per hour of tutor time will be levied for this.


Students will be allowed to resit any part of the final assessment once only. This will take place between one and two months after the end of the module. A resit fee of £50 will be charged for a theory exam resit and £80 for each element of the practical exam requiring a resit.


Any appeals should be made in writing to the Principal within 10 working days of the results being issued.

First Aid Certificate

All students must hold a current first aid certificate on completion of the course.


All students must be insured to practice remedial and sports massage before commencing the course. Student insurance can be obtained from Balens at a discounted price, telephone number 01684 893006 (ask to be put through to the Block Insurance Department although you are buying individual insurance and tell them that you are a member of Association of Massage Therapists Scotland). Application forms are available on request.

Discontinuation of Training

The Principal of the School reserves the right to discontinue the training of any student who is liable to bring the profession into disrepute.


Any complaints should be made in writing to the Principal within 10 working days of the incident.

Course Material

Course material will consist of comprehensive handouts, dynamic spreadsheets and video links. Students will therefore require access to email, the internet and Microsoft Office and have a working knowledge of each.


Students will require a portable couch for case studies and course days.

Special Needs

Every effort will be made to cater for special needs. Please notify us as soon as possible if special requirements will be needed.

When applying for the course, please confirm that you have read the Course Information and agree to the above Terms and Conditions by completing and signing the Application Form.