Use the lockdown to your advantage

Start your Diploma in Orthopaedic Massage and Manipulation now

Start date 23rd April 2020

Enrolment deadline 17th April 2020

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Use this quiet time to your advantage.

By starting your Diploma now, most of the theory, and a small amount of the practical, can be achieved before the original start date of the Diploma in November.

The practical element of the course will then be completed, as advertised, from November 2020 to October 2021, but will be conducted on Saturdays only. This will allow plenty time to master the more difficult aspects of the practical such as spinal manipulation.

The initial sessions will run on Zoom, but will revert to classroom based lessons if social distancing is relaxed during the timeframe of this element of the course.

Date and Time:

Lessons will run from 1400hrs - 1900hrs every second Thursday. Dates will be:

23rd April, 7th May. 21st May, 4th June, 18th June, 2nd July, 16th July, 30th July, 13th August, 27th August


£50.00 on enrolment

£250.00  by 30th June 2020

£200.00 by 7th November 2020

Remaining fees as per terms and conditions for course or as agreed with the Principal.

To enrol, please complete the Application Form