The Diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage builds on the foundations laid within the Diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage to enable the practising massage therapist to build on their existing skills, allowing them to treat a much wider range of conditions and injuries. Advanced diagnostic skills are covered, together with the treatment and re-alignment of the spine and other imbalances within the body, allowing the practitioner to treat the condition presented with precision and effectiveness.

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Course Dates:

The Advanced Course will be run on a Saturday and Sunday, once a month from 0930hrs - 1800hrs.


6/7th Nov, 4/5th Dec


8/9th Jan, 5/6th Feb, 5/6th Mar, 2/3rd Apr, 7/8th May, 4/5th Jun, 2/3rd Jul, 6/7th Aug, 3/4th Sep (exams)

Course Content:

- In depth anatomy and physiology, including the knowledge and application of the brachial, lumbar and sacral plexi

- Neurological and reflex tests

- Pelvic and sacral dysfunctions and treatment

- Muscle Energy Techniques for the cervical, thoracic, ribs and lumbar spine

- In depth ligament, special tests and treatment for

    -  Hip

    -  Knee

    -  Ankle

    -  Foot

    -  Shoulder

    -  Elbow

    -  Wrist

    -  Hand

    -  Temporomandibular joint

•  Postural Drainage

•  Lymphatic Drainage

•  Radiology

•  Pharmacology

•  Rehabilitation Programmes

Entry Requirements

Entry for the Diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage is the Diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage or equivalent, which has covered the curriculum for remedial massage therapy (MT2) as laid down by the GCMT. Students unsure of eligibility should contact the School for further guidance.

Course Duration

The course will run over eleven weekends over the period of a year. Total contact hours will be 165 hours with approximately 340 hours of home study.


The course will be run at Carlops Village Hall, Carlops on the A702 (15 minutes south of Edinburgh City Bypass) and at West Linton, (20 minutes south of the Edinburgh City Bypass).


For those requiring accommodation there are 2 options: Peggyslea and Patieshill Bed and Breakfasts. Patieshill is within easy walking distance of the Hall and is the cheaper of the two, whilst Peggyslea is a bit more spacious, but more expensive and about a mile away.

Method of Study

The course will be run over eleven weekends. Weekends will be run approximately once a month and will cover both the practical and theoretical elements of the course. This learning will be supplemented by approximately 34 hours of home study each month which will include assignments, practice of techniques, case studies and a dissertation. Students will be encouraged to form small study groups to allow practice of practical techniques between weekends.


Award of the diploma will based on:

Continuous assessment throughout the course, based on weekend theory tests and practical assessments, together with home study assignments, case studies and a dissertation.

Final assessments, which will include written, oral and practical examinations.


On successful completion of the course, students will be awarded a Diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage.


Courses are accredited by both the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation and the National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists.

Further Training

On successful completion of the course students will be eligible to apply for the Diploma in Orthopaedic Massage and Manipulation.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

On completion of the course opportunities will be provided for graduates to gain their statutory 20 hours CPD required to meet GCMT and CHNC guidelines.


Please contact us with any queries either by telephone, 01968 661282 or email info@amts.co.uk

When applying for the course, please confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions by completing and signing the Application Form.

Start Date


Deposit (non-refundable)



6/7th November 2021

11 weekends once a month


7 monthly instalments of £275.00 each, by Banker’s Order


lump sum of £1,800.00

£2,425.00 (or £2,300.00 with lump sum discount)