A series of 9 Webinars with James Heatherwick Porteous

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Body Types/Somatotypes

Body types is individual to you

It affects how and where you store body fat

It affects your ability to build muscle

It will affect how easily/difficult it is for you to lose weight

When you know your body type it can make it easier to make the right decisions with regards to diet and exercise

Working with your body type can help you understand the bodies recovery

It can even have a big effect on your personality

There are 3 components: ectomorphy, mesomophy and endomorphy

You can change your body type but it can take a lot of effort

 Anthropometry/Body Composition Measuring

Tired of using your weight as a measurement of health?

This session will look at measurements you can take to give you a better understanding of your health without the need for a lot of expensive equipment

It’s important to know the landmarks to look for so that your measurements are accurate in order to compare to previous

It will also let you know if your lifestyle changes are working or if you need to adjust them

Gut Health and Nutrition

Over the last few decades, more so over the last 5 years the role of microorganisms within the body has been linked with various conditions

It is now known that these organisms don’t just help digestion of food but also can affect mood, weight and health

It is possible to help change these through diet, not just probiotic drinks but a range of foods that help to feed the bacteria


Cholesterol and its role in the body

Cholesterol is found in the diet but it is also produced by the body and plays some important roles

This is a closer look at the types of cholesterol and the role within the body

The good, bad and ugly side to cholesterol and it’s role with fat consumption

The theory on cholesterol formation, function and excretion

 Cholesterol, effects of Diet and Exercise

A look at how diet and exercise can be effective in changing types of cholesterol in the body and doesn’t have the side effects of statins

Looking at the different types of cholesterol and how diet can change its composition

Looking at the different types of cholesterol and how the composition is changed with different types of training/exercise

 Eat, Sleep, Repair and Lose Weight

The science of sleep

The role of sleep in muscle growth and repair

How diet can have an effect on sleep

How sleep can have an effect on diet and hormones


Nutrition and its role in Inflammation and Collagen Formation

17th June, 8pm

A look at the role nutrition plays in collagen formation and fascia structure

Focus on injury recovery

Whether nutrition, in particular vitamins/minerals play a role in prevention/treatment of injuries

With a closer look at the condition Dupuytren’s Contracture, and whether nutrition could play a role in prevention/treatment.


 Water is the biggest component of the body

 It is more important for survival than food short term

 But how much do we need?

 Water balance is important

 Learn the effects of dehydration

 The dangers of overconsumption of water

 And a guide to what we should be drinking

 How exercise affects fluid requirements

 Alcohol, is it a daily requirement or best avoided?

 Fluid requirements, and practical on calculating requirements,

Fluid losses and rehydration strategies

 Muscle growth and maintenance

How can we best grow our muscle mass?

What is involved in growing muscle?

What are realistic targets for muscle growth?

How do we maintain this into our later years?

Use it or lose it?

Do we need to consume lots more protein?

Best sources of protein?

Can we overeat protein?